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Your power consumption finally transparent and reduce your energy bill up to 15%!
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The shine app and our web portal offer you detailed insights and analysis of your energy consumption – in real-time.

real-time values

Our smart meters capture all consumption values of your appliances accurate to the second.

data security

All metered values will be encrypted and only processed within German data centers.

Metering services

The monthly shineSmart fee contains as well the installation cost of the smart meter and the monthly metering fee.


Profitiere von allen Möglichkeiten die Dir ein Smart Meter bietet!



  • Installation & guarantee smart meter
  • Monthly metering fee inclusive
  • Visualisation energy consumption within shine app and webportal

Measure, evaluate, understand


smart meters capture the energy value in second intervals. The smart meter gateway sends the data encrypted to our data centers.


The raw data is securely stored, evaluated by our algorithms and prepared for presentation.


End-users see the measurement values live in the app or web portal and receive notifications following personal thresholds.

Start your energy journey

shine would like to guide you with your next steps on your way to your personal energy transition. To help this next step to be a success we will, based on the data from your smart meter, share an energy report on a regular basis. This report will show you your personal potential of your energy transition and will support you in the consideration of the ideal dimensions of a possible PV-systems, fitting battery systems and in the future as well charging units and heat pumps.

Your smart meter in just three steps

We take care of the communication to your grid company and the installation of the smart meter in your home.


Order the smart meter

You order the smart meter and we take care of the alignment with your grid company.


Choose installation date

The installation of your new intelligent electricity meter by a certified electrician follows your indicated date & time.


Understand power consumption

Your new smart meter will automatically connect to the internet and sends the measuring values safe to the web portal for evaluation.

Start your own energy journey


Visualisation of your energy profile

Understanding for the relation between your own behaviour and the real-time values (kWh and EUR view).

Identification of power guzzlers

Determine the consumption and the cost of the most important appliance groups (e.g. Baseload, cooling and stove). Research shows that households with smart meters can reduce their monthly energy bill with up to 15%.

Get control

You’ll receive automatic notifications in case own thresholds are exceeded. Enable the possibility to react to strong increasing consumption values, before they appear on the annual bill from your energy supplier.

Avoiding surprise payments

An overview of day, month and accumulated annual consumption, independent from your monthly pre-payment. Surprises and extra costs will be avoided.

Dimensioning of PV-systems and batteries

shineSmart offers you a view on your load profiles to recognise long-term consumption patterns. This supports fact-based decision making on the purchase of PV- or micro-CHP systems or with determining the best fitting battery size.

Federal support for shineSmart

The federal Ministry of Economics and Energy supports with the subsidy program ‘Einsparzaehler’ innovative business models and companies which offer smart meters to customers. The goal of the program is to improve the energy efficiency of private households and the realisation of the conditions for flexible grids and the further expansion of renewable energies in Germany. shineSmart is being subsidised by the Ministry as part of the pilot program ‘Einsparzaehler’, allowing us to offer the smart meter for free (no hardware and installation costs of 69€).

shineSmart costs 4.99€ per month. This fee holds the obligatory metering service fee. These costs will therefore no longer be part of the energy bill you receive from your energy supplier.

Participation of the pilot program is for using the benefits of shineSmart not a requirement of course. In this case we will calculate you, additional to the monthly fee, an one-off set-up fee of 69€ for the installation and set-up of the smart meter by our partner.

What our customer say

“Since shineSmart has been installed with me, I handle my electricity completely different. Based on the data of my smart meter I already changed all my light bulbs against more efficient lamps and I bought a new fridge with a better energy label.”

Tarek, Ketzin

“With shineSmart I can finally see which appliances use a lot of power. I spend every month more than 10€ (!!) for my stand-by appliances. That waste of electricity is now over.”

Wolfgang, Gelsenkirchen

¹ An additional set-up fee of 69,- will be invoiced.

Start your own energy transition