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The energy manager from shine
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your power production with patented shine algorithms


through increased own use of our power production


all energy flows within your house at a glance


with market leading PV-, battery and micro-CHP systems

The shineHub

Practical and uncomplicated Plug & Play



  • Visualisation all energy flows within your house
  • shineSmart inclusive
  • Compatible with market leading PV-, battery and micro-CHP systems

shineHub for micro-CHPs

Save up to 250 eur annually!

With the shineHub you make your micro-CHP ready for the energy transition. Through our patented shine algorithm you can easily save electricity (and money). Because of the exact measurement values in real-time you have the possibility to manage your energy profile and monitor your micro-CHP.

shineHub for photovoltaic (PV)

Save energy costs annually!

With the shineHub you make your PV-system ready for the energy transition. Our patented shine algorithm optimises your PV-system and reaches an increase of about 8% of your production without any technical changes. Through our shineExplorer you’ll have a detailed real-time presentation of production, consumption and the import and export of electricity. A comprehensive reporting function helps you to keep everything under control.

shineHub for photovoltaic (PV) + battery

Save energy costs annually!

Also the combination of PV and a battery benefits from the shineHub with the patented shine algorithm. On the one end because of the increase of the production of your PV without any technical changes and on the other end because of the optimal and intelligent use of your battery system. Additionally, our shineExplorer offers you detailled views and analysis of your PV- and battery system.

More control

Through the detailed granularity of your data in real-time you can monitor your systems without a lot effort. Discover potential technical issues early.

More transparency

Thanks to the shineHub you are always aware how much electricity you produced and imported to the grid. As such you have all relevant electricity volumes in your view.

More savings

The shine algorithm optimises your production systems and you save money and keep your systems longer connected to the grid.

How does the shineHub function?

The shineHub controls and optimises the energy flows in your house.

The shineHub is a mini-computer in the shape of a box, which gets connected to your PV-system or micro-CHP and smart meter over the internet-modem. It calculates the most efficient settings for your house and optimises completely automatic the energy flows. Users of the shineHub receive additionally data-based recommendations when an investment in additional asset, like batteries or heat pumps, makes economic sense. That does not only save money but is also the right step towards an increased energy independence. The software on the shineHub is continuously further developed.


Live Status

In the live status you always see exactly what you are producing and consuming in real-time. A clear presentation ensures that you have all in one view.


The report function offers you the possibility to assess your production and consumption profiles from the past. You have insights on your CO2 savings, your own consumption, your independence and your import to the grid.


In your report you can choose two different views: data or a graph. The data view shows you all datapoints in one view. Diverse graphs allow you to see exactly when you produce, consume or save which volume.

Time intervals

The shineExplorer offers you the possibility to choose the time intervals you need for your data – from a day, a week and over a certain period of time.

What our customers say

“The new shineHub controls my Senertec Dachs micro-CHP and gives me a very transparent visualisations. I’m very happy with this new energy manager!”

Udo, Gelsenkirchen

Start your own energy transition

Technical data

¹ An additional set-up fee of 69,- will be invoiced.